Fiction from Victoria, GA


______________ Lodestone - Latest Issues: ______________
22. The Parent Trap - The bait is in place! Will Assault's targetted victims spring the trap?
23. Broadcast News - Victoria's heroes are the talk of the town, again!

______________ Lodestone - Previous Issues: ______________

01. Under The Gun - With her parents away, Clare must save the day - beginning a new chapter in her life!
02. My Dinner With Andre - Things heat up at the Harper household when Clare's parents return home!
03. Choices - Beverly tells Clare a tale from Magnet and Steel's past!
04. Light Of Day - Lodestone must face the powerful Lumiere!
05. Circle of Friends - Meet Clare's closest classmates!
06. Bright Lights, Big City - Lodestone vs. Lumiere, round 2!
07. Crazy In Alabama - Beverly tells Clare a tale of Magnet, Steel and the Southern Alliance!
08. The Color Purple - So much for a quiet afternoon at the computer expo!
09. Just Like Dad - Lodestone's not the only one carrying on a family tradition!
10. Midway - Lodestone goes into action while visiting the city of St. Jude!
11. the Interview - Clare has some personal business to attend to in St. Jude!
12. Airplane! - While the girls begin to take a flight, Kyle and Beverly recall a rather chaotic one of their own!
13. Vacation (part 1) - Part 1 of the girls' Del Oeste trip includes action, drama, and a pair of guest stars!
14. Vacation (part 2): California Split - Part 2 of the girls' Del Oeste trip is full of shake-ups and secrets!
15. The Lunch Date - When Clare plans to surprise her father for lunch, she is the one caught off-guard!
16. Below the Surface - Even while serving as a camp counselor, Clare finds a reason to don her Lodestone costume!
17. I Know What You Did Last Summer - It's the start of her Senior year, but Clare's secret is out!
18. Foxy Lady - Kyle Harper recalls a solo adventure from his past!
19. Halloween H2O - Clare and her friends attend a Halloween party that gets out of hand!
20. Young Guns - As various parties move towards Victoria, Lodestone must rescue a city offical!
21. The Talk of the Town - Find out what Victoria's residents think of their young heroine!